ASMR Face Exam RP (face touching, glove sounds, skin analysis) ♡

Join me for a detailed ASMR dermatology examination and skincare treatment, where I will analyse, treat and care for your beautiful face. This a soft spoken ASMR roleplay which includes face touching, glove sounds, in ear whispering, a face massage, cooling gel beads and lots of lovely tingly ear to ear triggers to help you to relax ♡

** This video includes binaural, ear to ear sounds. For the best results and guaranteed tingles, enjoy with headphones :) **

00:00 Putting on gloves (soft spoken intro)
01:46 Close up face exam, gloves, in ear whispers
11:30 Soft spoken skin analysis
14:12 Taking your skin temperature (digital thermometer)
15:21 Pouring you a glass of ice cold water
17:17 Mini hand held fan (ear to ear white noise)
20:16 Gel bead cool pack (tapping)
21:16 Gel bead cool pack on your skin
24:02 Skin temperature check
24:40 Preparing to clean your face
26:37 Cleaning your face (in ear whispers)
29:15 Blotting paper
31:01 Aloe Vera (tapping on bottle)
33:22 Face massage
36:18 Gentle face patting
37:54 Rose Quartz Roller
39:00 Final detailed close up face exam (in ear whispers)

#ASMR #skincare #dermatologist #roleplay

**I have no medical training and this video is for relaxation/entertainment purposes only. It is not intended to provide or replace medical advice or treatment. If you are experiencing symptoms of any illness, please consult a medical professional.

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* Video shot on iPhone 12 Pro Max
* Audio captured with Aston Spirit condenser mics

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