ASMR Ear Exam & Ear Cleaning: The Ultimate Ear Attention

Hello Lovelies... Tonight's high quality ASMR entertainment is the ultimate ASMR ear exam and ASMR ear cleaning experience! This realistic ASMR medical roleplay has the most amazing ASMR sounds, that mixed with the calm, soothing atmosphere, you'll be able to drift off to dreamland in no time. Your ears will be inspected thoroughly & they will be cleaner than they've ever been before, thanks to the different ASMR triggers. This amazingly relaxing ASMR video is over an hour long, of me giving your ears the most incredible ASMR personal attention. The ASMR tingles will come flowing fast a long with strong waves of pure relaxation. If you're looking for an ASMR ear cleaning ASMR roleplay, this unique ASMR experience is for you!

To see what's included in this ASMR video, please see the TIME STAMPS below.

00:00 Intro
00:08 Start Of Roleplay: Greeting & Consultation
03:56 Putting On Gloves (Gloves)
04:43 Feeling Around Your Ears (Gloves & Fluffy Mics)
06:53 Ear Exam (Otoscope, Fluffy Mics, Whispers & Gloves)
12:01 Conclusion & Demonstration (Gloves)
15:32 Giving You A Towel (Fabric, Towel & Gloves)
15:56 Wiping Your Ears With A Wet Sponge (Gloves, Water, Sponge & Fluffy mics)
18:15 Cleaning Your Inner & Outer Ears (Gloves, Water, Prep Sounds, Mic Brushing, Crinkles, Q-Tip & Fluffy Mics)
22:43 Looking Where I've Cleaned With A Light (Gloves & Fluffy Mics)
23:33 Hearing Test: Repeat The Trigger Words (In Ear Whispers, Whispers & Inaudible Whispers & Gloves)
26:24 In-Depth Ear Clean (Gloves, Glass Dropper, Oil, Water, Fluffy Mics & Massage)
33:06 Changing Gloves ( Gloves)
33:44 Ear Massage (Gloves, Finger Flutters & Fluffy Mics)
35:44 In-Depth Ear Clean Continued (Gloves, Crinkles, Mic Brushing, Japanese Woodstick, Water, Glass Dropper, Plastic, Tools, Rubbing, Tweezers, Scratching, Prep Sounds, Paper, Spraying, Lids, Massage & Sticky)
55:40 Ear Massage (Gloves, Finger Flutters & Fluffy Mics)
57:04 In-Depth Ear Clean Continued (Scratching, Foam, Fluffy Mics, Mic Brushing, Gloves, Crinkles & Creaking)
1:02:49 Ear Exam (Otoscope, Fluffy Mics, Whispers & Gloves)
1:04:07 Conclusion (Gloves & Finger Flutters)
1:04:44 Hearing Test: Repeat The Trigger Words (In Ear Whispers, Whispers & Inaudible Whispers & Gloves)
1:05:34 Aftercare & Plan (Gloves & Finger Flutters)
1:06:43 Round Up & Goodbye (Finger Flutters)
1:06:52 End Of Roleplay
1:06:53 Outro
1:07:04 Goodnight
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