ASMR Doctor Visit | general checkup, eye exam

Hi loves, my name is Hannah - welcome to my ASMR channel! This is a safe place to be yourself, slow down, and allow yourself to take care of your mental health. The world is a turbulent place right now and I hope this video can bring you some peace and comfort. ASMR has helped me relax when I have trouble getting to sleep and has played a huge part in my mental health journey.

*This video features a whispered medical exam with an eye check, general check-up, and a derm exam*

For more information on the ASMR phenomenon please check out:,hand%20movements%2C%20and%20light%20touch.&text=The%20tingling%20sensation%20comes%20in,feelings%20of%20euphoria%20and%20relaxation

(blue yeti mic (link: and iPhone XR camera; edited using Lightworks)

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