ASMR | Doctor Smell & Taste Test Exam (Medical Roleplay)

Hi and welcome to another ASMR medical roleplay!

In this asmr video I am your doctor, and you have lost your sense of taste and smell. After asking you some medical questions and writing down notes, I then explain the tests to you and your medical visit really beings! I check your breathing with my stethoscope, and then mist the air with a mini humidifier to clear your sinesus and prepare you for the smell and taste test. I explain the tests to you and then begin testing your senses. We go through a smell test where I use a mini spray bottle and spray various scents under your nose as I ask you to identify each one. Next we have the taste test where I take essential oils and with a cotton swab have to taste each flavour on your tongue and try to identify the tastes. Finally we conclude your medical exam with some final thoughts, as I make some notes, go over your test results, and give you some medical advice. I hope you enjoyed this medical roleplay. Often when I watch cranial nerve exams myself, the smell and taste portion are my favourites so I wanted to make a roleplay dedicated to this. I am also finally getting my own taste and smell back after losing it for a while, so a lot of the advice that I give was the same advice I found for myself haha. Just remember this is a medical roleplay designed for entertainment purposes. In terms of ASMR sounds and sights, there are writing sounds, both soft spoken and whispers, as well as personal attention, asking you questions, physical examination, breathing exercises, smell and taste tests, comforting words, etc...

ASMR Medical Roleplay Timestamps:

00:00 - Asking You Questions & Writing
01:37 - Going Over Tests & Questions
02:57 - Checking Your Breathing with Stethoscope
04:40 - Misting Air with Spray / Humidifier
06:54 - Smell Test with Spray Bottles
11:19 - Taste Test with Oils & Cotton Swab
15:50 - Writing Notes & Going Over Test Results

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