[ASMR] Doctor Gets A Squirrel Out Of Your Eye (Medical Doctor Roleplay)

Hello! I filmed another (much longer) video for today, but unfortunately I had left the fridge on, so there an unsettling hum throughout the entire video. Luckily I had this one as a backup! I will upload the longer one tomorrow :)

The triggers in this video are personal attention, whispering, stippling, up close and personal eye triggers, flashlight, torch, soft spoken and that might actually be it!

I hope you enjoy the video :)

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About me: I have been uploading videos to YouTube since 2008, and experiencing ASMR since 1995 (I presume). As everyone, I love Bob Ross and wish to one day acquire his level of chill.

About this channel: Making ASMR videos is a huge de-stresser for me, and I find incorporating it into my daily life almost necessary. Like a daily cup of coffee. On this channel, I will try to deliver everyone tingles using a variety of triggers, such as: whispering, scratching and tapping, soft voice, binaural triggers, blowing, turning pages, paper, personal attention (such as haircuts, medical examination role plays), concentration and as many more as I can do! Those are pretty much my favourites though.

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Thanks for reading this far down! Always read the full description you absolute LEGEND ;) Now go forth and comment "Only the coolest doctors wear distressed denim"

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