ASMR Detailed Medical Exam by Spaceship Doctor - Realistic Exam & Tingly Sounds - Sci-Fi Medical RP

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Welcome aboard spaceship Nairobi. You are about to receive an amazing and detailed medical exam by Dr Sarah, on arrival from Earth to take up your new post as Engineer aboard the craft.
Relax and enjoy all the tingly sounds and the amazing triggers from the light of the decontamination wand, soft speech, body scan, low level engine sounds and realistic exam in this Sci-Fi Medical RP. Includes conventional and futuristic medical checks:
Vinyl Gloves
Velcro and crinkles
Tapping on tablet
Follow the light
Blood pressure check
Otoscope ear exam and nasal exam
Throat exam
Stethoscope exam of chest
Reflex hammer
Sense of touch and strength
Skin sampling from ear
Blood sampling
Breathing/heart rate test

** This story was written by the amazing writer and producer Lauren. You can find her on Twitter @laurenwritesyt **

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