ASMR | Detailed Cranial Nerve Exam (Italian Accent)

Hi and welcome to your Italian cranial nerve exam!

In this asmr roleplay video I, your doctor, give you a cranial nerve exam (but with a Green Screen medical background), and also with my Italian accent roleplay. Essentially I perform a variety of medical examinations and tests to make sure your cranial nerves are fully functioning! I examine your eyes in the optic nerve portion, going over various eye tests with you including follow my finger, follow the light, etc... I test your hearing as I whisper in each ear and have you identify each word/words in Italian. Then we go over the trigeminal and facial nerves as I examine your face, and also have you perform various physical facial exercises, such as tongue movements and so on. I examine the olfactory nerve and test your sense of smell. I spray various scents on a q-tip/cotton swab and have you smell and confirm each scent, one nostril at a time. I also give you a taste test where you taste a variety of flavours and identify the flavour, with a dropper etc... Since there are a variety of tests, I have included timestamps below for your convenience. I would say this is a detailed cranial nerve exam in the sense that it was thorough with quite a few mini medical tests throughout. I know many of you enjoy medical roleplays, so I was happy to film this for all of you with a green screen this time. This is a soft spoken video with occasional whispers, as well as an Italian accent. There is also plenty of physical examinations, personal attention, follow my instructions, writing sounds, and so on in terms of asmr triggers in this video. I make a few notes throughout the entirety of this test, so there are always pleasant writing sounds. I am also friendly and chatty with you, which hopefully put you at ease during this detailed cranial nerve exam.

Here are the asmr cranial nerve exam timestamps:

00:00 - Checking You In with Questions & Writing Sounds
2:59 - Putting on Glove & Chatting
3:18 - Breathing Test with Stethoscope
5:45 - Eye Exam (Looking in your eyes with Flashlight)
6:55 - Follow The Light Tests (Flashlight)
11:20 - Smell Test with Spray Bottle
15:11 - Taste Test with Medical Dropper
17:56 - Hearing Exam (Ear Touching with Light)
19:00 - Hearing Test with Whispering in Ear
20:40 - Facial Tests with Tapping and Follow Instructions
22:11 - Final Notes & Conclusion with Writing Sounds

Some Information on ASMR:
ASMR stands for 'autonomous sensory meridian response’. People describe a relaxing sensation with tingling in the body as a result of various triggers such as whispering, softly speaking, tapping, personal attention, accents, and other various forms. I personally love accent roleplays, and enjoy ASMR as entertainment, for relaxation, to help with sleep, and also to manage stress. ASMR for sleep, ASMR roleplay, ASMR relaxation, ASMR whispers, ASMR personal attention are quite common searches. Many people also use ASMR for comfort, and to feel less alone as well, which is a wonderful feeling of community that I strive for on my channel.

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