ASMR Cranial Nerve Exam & Shoulder Injury | Soft Spoken Real Person Medical Roleplay (Spanish)

Dr. Ivy B ASMR does a VERY RELAXING Cranial Nerve exam in Spanish and treats her shoulder injury. This Cranial Nerve Exam includes a vision test, hearing test, face/head palpating, shoulder injury assessment & massage.

Trying something new by posting a video in Spanish (as promised). Happy Holidays! TURN ON SUBTITLES! [English, Portuguese, German Available]

#asmr #asmrmedicalexam #asmrespañol

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*Wear Headphones*

This is an ASMR medical, security or other type of roleplay. We're not real doctors, medical professionals or TSA security agents. This video is for relaxation and entertainment purposes only.
00:00 Introduction
02:04 Putting on Gloves
02:44 Vital Signs (Blood Pressure, Temperature,
04:01 Palpating Head & Face
07:20 Eye Check & Vision Test
09:25 Eye Reflexes
10:50 Ear Check & Hearing Test
13:58 Smell Test
14:41 Mouth Check & Taste Test
15:52 Sensations Test (Temperature with Glass Globes)
16:46 Sensations Test (Sharp or Dull)
17:44 Sensations Test (Brush)
19:09 Shoulder Injury Assessment
20:50 Shoulder Sensations Test (Tuning Fork)
22:23 Shoulder Massage with Gel
25:55 Diagnosis & Treatment Discussion
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