ASMR: Concise Pocket Medical Exam

This is a concise and precise medical exam roleplay using just the contents of my jacket pocket.
It was performed in the evening with some soft lighting. Hope the ASMR is good.

0:00 Welcome to the clinic
0:20 Pocket vision chart
1:53 Pupil size measurements
2:34 Cover test
3:37 Iris diameter
4:56 Pupil light reactions
5:35 Near pupil reactions
6:03 Eye movements (bird)
6:37 Eye movements (light)
7:20 Corneal reflexes
9:35 Pupillary and lid measurements
11:48 Ophthalmoscopy up close
17:31 Final recordings

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Disclaimer: My videos are purely ASMR role play & in no way whatsoever intended as medical advice. As such, you should consult your doctor, optician etc if you have a medical issue.
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