ASMR Comprehensive Head To Toe Assessment (Personal Attention) Soft Spoken Role-play

Welcome to tonight's video. Enjoy this ASMR medical role-play with a comprehensive head to toe assessment. I will give you a full body physical exam in my office. Enjoy my soft spoken voice and fall asleep deeply in less than 30 minutes. This is an asmr medical exam with lots of medical triggers .
00:00 intro (asmr medical questions)
3:41 putting gloves on
4:07 vital signs
7:40 heart exam (stethoscope)
10:00 face exam & sinuses
11:24 lymph nodes
12:14 writing triggers
13:06 head and neck measuring
14:30 eye exam (vision, light triggers, peripheral vision test)
18:32 ear exam (otoscope, close whispers)
21:03 mouth exam
22:07 head exam
23:25 arms exam (upper body)
26:14 abdomen assessment (belly sounds)
29:03 upper and lower body strength
29:02 vision check (follow my finger)
32:03 facial sensation (SHARP OR DULL)
34:24 Smell & taste
36:35 outro


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