ASMR Closely Examining, Measuring and Sketching You for a Medical Textbook | Inaudible & Soft Spoken

Welcome to the Cozy Hospital! You've volunteered to be sketched for one of the hospital's medical textbooks because you have a rare condition that your doctor would like to document. Our medical illustrator will closely examine your face and take measurements with measuring tape and a crinkly ruler. She will then sketch your face, head, and neck from different angles.

0:00 Intro
0:10 Explaining what's going to happen
2:15 Putting on gloves to protect you
3:09 Face exam, turning your head
5:32 Measuring you with measuring tape
10:54 Measuring you with crinkly ruler
16:18 First sketch; unintelligible whispering, turning your head, face touching
24:47 Second sketch, from above
30:05 Turning your head, third sketch
35:11 Turning your head, fourth sketch
44:27 Measuring your face again with the crinkly ruler
47:51 Turning your head back
48:38 Page turning, double checking, sketching final touches
51:18 Putting pencil back in zipper pouch, rummaging
52:45 Taking off gloves

Please be aware that this video is intended for entertainment, relaxation and ASMR purposes. It is not meant to diagnose, treat, educate or accurately depict issues or illnesses or procedures. Many of the procedures are altered for ASMR purposes and because I'm not filming in an actual medical facility. (Some of them are completely fictional they just involve neat sounds.) Please consult your doctor or a reputable health care source if you have any health questions or concerns.

What is ASMR? ASMR is a tingling sensation often felt on the scalp, neck, shoulders and back, although you may feel tingles in other places as well! ASMR is triggered by different types of stimuli. It can be personal attention, gentle touch, hand movements, crinkling, tapping sounds... there are lots of different types of ASMR triggers and everyone is different when it comes to what triggers their ASMR! If you'd like to know more, check out this wiki article here:

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