ASMR Back Exam + Relaxing Spine Palpations ASMR Medical Exam Real Person | Soft Spoken ASMR Roleplay

ASMR Back Exam Spine Adjustment (Pain relief back and shoulder treatment) Back Massage Relaxing ASMR Medical Back Cracking ASMR Roleplay Personal Attention. ASMR Head to Toe Assessment: Full Body, Cranial Nerve Exam, Eye Exam, Ear & Nose Exam, Scalp, Hair & Head, Abdomen, Legs & Feet. Relaxing Soft Spoken Old School Medical Exam Doctor Check Up Roleplay. Triggers: real heart beat sounds, stethoscope on skin sounds, head, face, body, abdomen, legs & feet palpations, hair & scalp touching, cranial nerves, ear & hearing test, eye & vision, nose & smell, mouth inspection, light triggers, follow the light, follow the finger, hands movements & finger wiggling, reading medical chart, facial sensations tests with tapping & brushing, arms & skin exam. #asmr #asmrrealperson #headtotoe

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