ASMR *Annual Doctor Checkup* Realistic Medical Exam Doctor Roleplay

In this ASMR medical exam roleplay, it's time for your annual doctor checkup. This video includes multiple exams including eyes, ears, mouth/throat, nose, and face touching and tests for tingles and sleep.

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ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response. It is the term used to describe a tingling, calming sensation some people report experiencing in response to close personal attention or certain audio or visual stimuli.

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Time Stamps!!
00:00 Intro (w/ Glove sounds)
01:21 Pulse check (Whispered counting)
02:22 Stethoscope (Breathing exercises)

Eye Exam (04:15)
04:15 Eye Exam Intro
05:18 Close-up Light Exam
06:57 Snellen Chart
09:00 Light Exam Pt. 2

Mouth Exam (11:04)
11:04 Mouth Exam Intro
11:31 Mouth Exam (Close-up/Light Triggers)

Ear Exam (13:00)
13:00 Ear Exam Intro
14:28 Ophthalmoscope Exam (Whispering/Personal Attention)
16:07 Hearing Test Pt. 1 (Close-up Whispering)
18:45 Hearing Test Pt. 2 (Glove sounds)

~ 19:31 Soft Spoken Exam Summary Interlude ~ (lol)

Face Exam (19:49)
19:49 Face Exam Intro
20:08 Face Exam (Face touching)

Nose Exam (21:20)
21:20 Nose Exam Intro
21:34 Nose Exam (Close-up/Light Triggers)

Outro (22:14)
22:14 Outro
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