ASMR Annual Check-Up Exam - Vitals, Eye, Ear, Reflexes, Face, Scalp

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Hello and welcome to the exam room. Tonight, I'm going to perform your annual check up exam.
This one includes different medical exams: vitals, eye exam, ear exam, face exam, scalp exam, reflexes, focus tests. And I wanted to be very close to you tonight.
Just relax and get yourself comfortable!

0:00 ZamatSleep ad
1:11 Hello
2:04 Temperature
2:40 Stethoscope
3:47 Snellen chart
5:22 Inspecting your pupils
5:54 Light close or far
6:18 Light in your vision with eye covered
7:15 How many fingers can you see looking at the light
7:52 Follow my pen
8:27 Blue and pink q-tips
9:45 Ishihara's test
11:44 Reflexes
13:22 Desinfecting your ears
14:40 L or R pink comb
16:11 L/R/Both Ear cupping
17:16 Slow or fast tapping
18:43 Face exam
20:22 Face scrub
23:02 Measurements
24:27 Scalp exam
27:37 Good night

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