ASMR Accurate Face Exam - Roleplay

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Hello Starblinks! In this ASMR Roleplay I will be performing a very accurate ASMR Face Exam to help you feel relaxed and provoke your ASMR response.
Make sure you are comfortable and enjoy this accurate ASMR Face Exam Roleplay which will help you Sleep and Relax with lots of Carefully selected ASMR triggers.
Let me know in the comments if you liked this ASMR Face Exam Roleplay!

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00:00 Keep Your Privacy Safe
01:46 Disinfecting - Face Touching & Spray
03:08 Face Touching - Lightly Pressing on Spots
03:33 Face Touching - Pinching Skin
04:28 Eyebrows Check
05:10 Mole Face Mapping - Light Trigger
06:18 Lip Balm Application
08:07 Foam Application on Face
10:10 Face Massage
12:34 Cleansing Foam from Face
13:33 Face Scrub & Treatment Application - Face Touching
19:02 Extracting Spots - Face Touching
20:52 Rice Water Anti Age Mask Application
23:04 Light Therapy and Face Massage
26:03 Face Sensitivity Test - Sharp or Fluffy
27:32 Face Cleanse
28:16 Ice Globes Massage
30:35 Protective Face Powder

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