[ASMR] A Veterinary Medical Health Check: You Are A CAT

Hello Lovelies... Tonight's high quality ASMR entertainment is something I've been asked to do a long time ago & I thought I would finally give it a whirl. In this ASMR video, YOU are the CAT & I am the Vet carrying out a health check on you.
This animal medical ASMR roleplay is relaxing & fun. It is full of personal attention & lots of different real cat sounds along with other tingly triggers. There is purring & cat sounds throughout of this ASMR roleplay. This is a different spin on a medical ASMR video & I hope you can relax, clear your mind & zone out into sleepy land whilst watching & listening.

To see what's included in this ASMR video, please see the TIME STAMPS below.

00:00 Intro
00:08 Start Of Roleplay: Greeting (Face Touching, Stroking & Purring)
02:01 Head & Face Check (Face Touching, Stroking & Purring)
04:19 Ear Check (Otoscope Light & Mic Touching)
07:08 Eye Check (Light)
08:13 Mouth Check (Light)
09:07 Sanitising Hands (Water, Spraying & Lids)
09:28 Body Check (Stroking
11:24 Chest (Stethoscope)
13:00 Putting Gloves On (Gloves)
13:35 Temp (Beeps, Lids & Gloves)
14:12 Urine Check (Water, Lids, Crinkles & Gloves)
15:17 Vaccine Prep (Crinkles, Zips, Gloves, Taps & Plastic)
15:46 Urine Results (Paper & Gloves)
16:20 Cleaning Your Eyes (Gloves, Lids, Taps, Face Touching & Wipes)
17:52 Cleaning Your Ears (Gloves, Lids, Taps, Mic Touching & Wipes)
19:41 Brushing You (Gloves, Brush Sounds & Stroking)
20:41 Vaccine (Plastic, Gloves, Lids, Plastic & Taps)
21:20 Flea Treatment (Gloves, Crinkles, Card & Stroking)
21:47 Talking To You / Review
22:21 Fussing You (Personal Attention, Purring, Stroking & Gloves)
22:58 Refreshing Ear Spray (Gloves, Mic Touching, Spraying & Lids)
23:48 Review
24:34 Removing My Gloves (Gloves)
24:43 Fussing You (Personal Attention, Purring, Stroking & Face Touching)
26:40 Round Up & Goodbye (Purring)
26:54 End (Purring)
26:55 Outro (Purring)
27:05 Goodnight

Goodnight x
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