[ASMR] A General Medical Exam: A Relaxing Sinusitis Check Up

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Hello Lovelies... Tonight's high quality ASMR entertainment is an in-depth general medical exam, focusing on issues with your sinuses. This ASMR medical roleplay contains a general check up & specific tests relating to ENT & sinus issues. This realistic ASMR video is extremely relaxing, sleepy & comforting, so much so you will feel safe, cosy & peaceful; making way for a blissful night's sleep full of pure relaxation tingles. The wonderful personal attention gives it a more intimate vibe, focusing just on you!

To see what's included in this ASMR video, please see the TIME STAMPS below.

00:00 Intro
00:08 Endel Sponsorship
01:24 Start Of Roleplay: Greeting & Discussing Your Issue (Crinkly Jacket)
04:49 Plan (Crinkly Jacket)
05:25 Pulse & Oxygen Levels (Taps, Scratching, Beep, Click & Crinkly Jacket)
06:20 Temp (Clicks, Lids & Crinkly Jacket)
06:45 Chest (Stethoscope, Rubbing, Scratching, Taps & Crinkly Jacket)
09:33 Blood Pressure (Stehoscope, Velcro, Plastic, Taps, Plastic, Air Puffs, Air & Crinkly Jacket)
12:16 Eye Exam (Light, Instructions, Finger Flutters & Crinkly Jacket)
15:52 Ear Exam (Otoscope, Light, In Ear Whispers, Clicks, Slight Crinkles/Mic Sounds & Crinkly Jacket)
20:03 Nose Exam (Light, Clicks, IPad Taps, Comfort & Crinkly Jacket)
24:49 Wiping Inside Your Nose (Japanese Woodstick & Crinkly Jacket)
25:50 Face Taps With Reflex Hammer To Check Pain (Hammer, Face Touching & Crinkly Jacket)
27:44 Face Measuring To Check Swelling (Taps, Face Touching, Finger Flutters & Crinkly Jacket)
29:59 Dr Nicola's Trippy Magnifying Glass: Checking For Lesions (Fabric, Taps, Magnifying Glass, Instructions & Crinkly Jacket)
32:30 Plan
32:39 Mouth Exam (Light, Instructions & Crinkly Jacket)
35:00 Putting On Gloves (Gloves, Card & Crinkly Jacket)
36:00 Face Exam/Sinus Exam (Gloves, Face Touching, Instructions, Finger Flutters & Crinkly Jacket)
47:10 Gland Exam (Gloves, Body Touching, Finger Flutters, Instructions & Crinkly Jacket)
49:33 Feeling Around Your Ears (Gloves, Mic Squeezing, Mic Pulling, Slight Crinkles/Mic Sounds, Finger Flutters & Crinkly Jacket)
51:44 Removing Gloves (Gloves & Crinkly Jacket)
51:56 Writing Notes, Diagnosis & Prescription (Taps, Page Flicking, Card, Pen Clicks, Writing, Paper & Crinkly Jacket)
57:24 Plan
58:00 Round Up & Goodbye
58:06 End
58:07 Outro
58:18 Goodnight

Goodnight x
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