ASMR 3 HOURS of Relaxing Medical Exams (Ear Cleanings, Cranial Nerve, Eye Exams etc.)

This video is packed with an array of different relaxing ASMR medical exams, such as ear cleanings, eye tests, cranial nerve exams and general doctor’s checkups. Enjoy 3 hours of TINGLESSSS!
0:00 ear cleaning no 1
6:41 ear cleaning no 2
25:46 cranial nerve exam no 1
32:29 ear cleaning no 3
53:49 cranial nerve exam no 2
1:09:44 silly doctor check up
1:21:55 cranial nerve exam no 3
1:23:34 doctor check up no 2
1:24:54 cranial nerve exam no 4
1:45:57 German accent cranial nerve exam
2:03:05 ear cleaning from like 8 years ago
2:29:11 eye exam in German

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