Are Putin's disease claims true?

Are Putin's disease claims true?

According to a breaking news, allegations were made about Putin not appearing before the cameras for a long time…

The world is talking about these allegations. Putin has not been in front of the camera for a long time, neither for a statement nor for any other event. In the past days, allegations that Russian Leader Vladimir Putin is sick have fallen on the agenda. Allegedly, Vladimir Putin caught a deadly disease.

Among the allegations, it was said that Putin was diagnosed with cancer and started treatment. Allegedly, Russian leader Vladimir Putin makes unthinkable quick decisions due to his illness, and it is said that this is the reason why he started the Ukraine war. In addition, among the allegations, Putin is said to have Parkinson's disease, apart from cancer.

According to a situation that has caught our attention, Putin has neither made a statement nor appeared in front of the cameras for a while. According to an unproven news we received from foreign sources, Putin is keeping him under observation because he is being treated.

The news has not been proven to be true, but we still presented it to you, our valued viewers, for you to see and evaluate each news according to yourself.

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