ARC Client Story - Living with Parkinson's Disease

ARC client Gregory shares his story of how a Parkinson's diagnosis affected him, his life and his ability to work.

Greg originally came to ARC to participate in our PD circuit group class. As well as having Parkinson's Disease, Greg also suffers from spinal stenosis, causing pain in his legs and preventing him from walking and exercising.

Greg made significant gains while at ARC, working with both our physiotherapist team on gait retaining as well as his lower limb strength and muscle endurance with Exercise Physiologist Lisa.

Every individual with Parkinson’s disease presents differently and as one of the leading centres for Parkinson’s rehabilitation in Australia, you can feel confident that you are in the right hands at Advance Rehab Centre.

We understand that your experience with Parkinson’s and the symptom presentation is unique. Your therapist will work with you to tailor a rehab program designed to help you meet your full potential as quickly as possible. Each program is based on an evidence–based, multidisciplinary approach to therapy, drawing on a customised mix of hands–on treatment, exercise and rehabilitation technology.

For information on our Parkinson's treatment please head to our website:
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