Apollo Hospitals | Peptic Ulcer | Dr. Yogesh Batra

Our latest video on "Peptic Ulcer" is by renowned Dr. Yogesh Batra, Senior Consultant of Gastroenterology at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals. He is experienced in the respective field.

In this video, he talks about lifestyle changes needed to prevent and treat Peptic Ulcer, a sore on the lining of your stomach, small intestine, or esophagus.

Watch the full video as the expert shares the habits that can help your recover from Peptic Ulcer.

0.00 - Introduction
0.19 - Required Lifestyle Changes in Patients
0.49 - Recovery form Peptic Ulcer
1.08 - Advice Trends related to Diet in patients
1.48 - Result of medicine taken from other Disease
2.20 - About Having Fruits & Vegetables
2.41 - About Having Other Medicines
3.05 - About Having Alcohol
3.30 - About Having Tobacco
4.06 - About Gaining Weight
5.09 - Conclusion
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