Apollo Hospitals | Malaria | Symptoms | Causes | Treatment | Dr. Suneetha Narreddy

Dr. Suneetha Narreddy is an infectious disease specialist in Apollo, Hyderabad. In this video, she talks about Malaria, an acute febrile illness caused by the Plasmodium parasite.
Malaria can be life-threatening if not treated on time. What is the right way to cure a serious disease?

Watch the full video to understand the real cause and effect of Malaria and how you know the risk factors to avoid the life-taking disease.

-----Contents of this Video----

00:00 to 00:30 - Introduction to Malaria

00:31 to 01:04 - Causes for Malaria

01:05 to 01:19 - Symptoms of Malaria

01:20 to 02:11 - Test to diagnose Malaria

02:12 to 03:27 - Medications to Malaria

03:28 to 04:12 - Complicated or Severe Malaria

04:13 to 05:23 - Transmission of Malaria

05:24 to 06:43 - Treatment of Malaria

06:44 to 07:06 - Vaccine for Malaria

07:07 to 07:25 - Conclusion

Disclaimer - The information in this video was accurate as of 27/04/2022. For information purposes only. Consult your local medical authority for advice."
○ The video does not constitute medical advice, medical consultation or telemedicine services and there is no doctor-patient relationship between the physician in the video and any viewer or listener of the video.
○ No patient should carry out any self-medication or self-treatment based on the video and should consult a doctor with respect to any medical queries.
○ The information in the video is being provided only as a public lecture to improve public health awareness, for bona fide scientific, educational and social purposes.

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