Apollo Hospitals | Cerebral Palsy - Symptoms, Causes, Types, Prevention and Treatment | Dr. S. Vani

Watch our latest video on "Cerebral Palsy" by renowned Dr. S. Vani, a consultant pediatric and neurologist at Apollo Children's Hospitals, Chennai, an expert in the field.

Through this video, she explains what Cerebral Palsy is and how it affects children's movement, giving treatment details available.

Watch the full video to help your child fight against the brain disorder.

0:00 - Introduction
0:10 - About Cerebral Palsy
0:35 - Types of Cerebral Palsy
1:30 - Can the brain heal from Cerebral Palsy?
1:58 - Commonness of Cerebral Palsy
2:49 - Early signs of Cerebral Palsy
3:39 - Conditions co-existing with Cerebral Palsy
4:15 - Causes Cerebral Palsy
4:35 - Diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy
5:03 - Treatment of Cerebral Palsy
5:38 - Prevention of Cerebral Palsy
5:58 - Consultation regarding Cerebral Palsy
6:19 - Life expectancy of somebody with Cerebral Palsy

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