Anatomy for Sculptors – Understanding the anatomy of the Human Body

Anatomy for Sculptors – Understanding the anatomy of the Human Body

Anatomy For Sculptors: Understanding the Human Figure uses images and gives you everything you need to create realistic human body forms – from head to toe.

Instead of medical anatomy textbooks overstuffed with information, you finally have an anatomy book made for artists! Thank you @AnatomyForSculptors

Understanding the Human Figure combines 3D models of the human body with photos of live models in various body postures. The books use color-code overlays with muscle diagrams to help you understand the human body from multiple angles.

Real emotions are hard to fake and the second book we looked at Anatomy of the Facial Expression really goes in depth into this subject. Anatomy of Facial Expression lets you understand the anatomy behind the delicate facial movements and provides you with the language to convey them.

The third Title is all about the head, neck and face in even more details. It covers how age, ethnicity, gender, and body type affect the form of one's face
Relationship between the visible appearance and the anatomy beneath it

The topography of the face and skull is a fascinating subject to help you create believable sculptures, paintings and drawings.
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