An Unpopular Perspective On A Healthy Lifestyle | No BS With Birchy | EP31

What is non-traditional medicine? Does non-traditional medicine work? Can non-traditional medicine work in tandem with traditional medicine? Your host, Nathan Birch and special guest, Nora Woollard, a naturopathic practitioner, reveals the truth behind non-traditional medicinal treatments and how it works to improve your everyday life.

Nora is a health and wellness expert specialising in using natural remedies and practices to help others get healthy emotionally, physically and spiritually. She believes that a balance of nutrition, sunlight, exercise and conscious living is the key to a successful and happy life. Join us in this week's episode to listen to an alternative way to healing your body, mind and spirit.

Episode notes:

Introduction to Nora Woollard (2:20)

Our thoughts become reality (16:40)

The secret to living a happy and fulfilling life (20:15)

Naturopathic medicine: Who should use it, how it works & its benefits (22:00)

Natural remedies you should try to improve your wellness (30:40)

Common misconceptions about non-traditional medicine (34:50)

How to get yourself out of a rut during the pandemic (38:45)

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