Alex Murdaugh Murder Trial Day 17 Live | The Medical Examiner Cross! | Morning | Lawyer Reacts

#AlexMurdaugh #MurdaughMurderTrial

Afternoon Stream: https://youtube.com/live/1kVTJWZcVr0

The Docket
0:00 Welcome
3:00 Dr. Ellen Riemer - Forensic Pathologist (Autopsy--Graphic) - Cross Examination
1:21:45 Re-Direct Examination
1:29:29 Re-Cross Examination
1:33:30 Break
1:34:27 Summary
1:39:00 Q&A
2:04:45 Devin Patrick Newell, General Motors Custodian of Records
2:13:30 Roger David Davis Jr - Dog Caretaker - Direct Examination
2:44:13 Cross Examination
2:58:21 Re-Direct Examination
3:01:42 Carson Burney - AG Forensic Accountant - Direct Examination
3:20:13 Lunch
3:22:18 Summary
3:28:30 Law Nerd Shop
3:30:00 Q&A

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