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#Alcohol has many #effect on our body and cab an affect the #liver.
Beer, whisky, vodka, rum, champagne, wine all has alcohol
One beer contain 50 gm alcohol, 30 ml whisky 12gm, 60 ml whisky 24gm

how much alcohol can have effects on and damage the liver. the amount of alcohol which can damage the liver, varies in men and women
Men : more than 40-50 gm alcohol per day can cause the liver damage
Women : more than 20-30 gm per day per day can have effect on liver. Women are more prone to liver injury by alcohol

Effect of alcohol on liver
Fatty liver : Liver gets #enlarged and become large in size. Ultrasonography shows the hyperechoic liver.
Alcohol hepatitis : Liver size increase, liver is swollen and inflammed.
Cirrhosis : Liver become hard and may shrink in size.
HCC : Cancer may develop in the liver
Alcohol is very common cause of liver disease

Fatty liver Asymptomatic, upper abdomen pain, SGOT and SGPT are increased.
Hepatitis : Jaundice, eyes become yellow
LFT increased bilirubin, Increased OT/PT, SGOT more than SGPT
Cirrhosis : Jaundice, blood vomiting, abdomen swelling, ascites. pedal edema, muscle loss, red spots, palmar erythema, fever, altered behavior, altered sensorium, hepatic encephalopathy
LFT increased bilirubin, low albumin, PT , ammonia
USG shrunken liver, ascites, portal vein dilatation
FIbroscan high value, normal value less than 5, value more than 13-15, can diagnose cirrhosis

RIsk factors for liver disease in patients consuming alcohol
Obesity smoking
Vitamin, mineral deficiency in diet
Diet poor in protein
Hepatitis B virus and Hepatitis C virus infection

Stop alcohol
Nutritional support 2500 kcal diet / day
Protein, vitamin, mineral, Fat in adequate amount
Small frequent meals
Liver transplant

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