Aduhelm treatment for Alzheimer's Disease: What is all the fuss about?

In this Right Care Alliance Town Hall Meeting Dr. Michael Jaffee, Associate Professor of Neurology University of Florida describes the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's Disease, reviews the amyloid hypothesis, and summarizes the clinical trials using the monoclonal antibody directed again amyloid plaques (Aduhelm). The evidence for cognitive function improvement over 18 months is questionable showing a very small improvement in cognitive function in only the high dose regimen for one of the two trials. Dr. Fred Southwick, Professor of Medicine assesses the value of this drug (quality/cost) and concludes the treatment is of low value. He then reviews the potential financial impact on Medicare Part B (increase costs by up to 262% or over $134 billion (increase everyone's taxes by $211). The expedited approval pathway was also discussed and everyone questioned the appropriateness of the route. Participants were asked to sign the pledge not to take or prescribe Aduhelm URL link:
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