Academia Has Fallen - Dr Paul A. Taylor

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Dr Paul A. Taylor is a critical theorist who read economics and politics at Edinburgh University before conducting his PhD thesis on the early history of computer hackers. Paul has appeared on a number of Radio 4 and Radio 3 programmes including Woman’s Hour, The Verb, Thinking Allowed, and You and Yours. He is critical of the largely unchallenged rise of the bureaucratic mind-set and its deleterious effects on public discourse and professional standards.

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00:00 Intro
02:03 Why Dr Taylor is Here Today
08:03 First Educational Experiences
24:22 Dr Taylor’s Academic Career
31:12 Sponsor Message: ExpressVPN
33:03 What is Postmodernism and How Does it Impact Us?
41:29 Our Need to Think More
51:19 What is Happening in Modern Academia?
1:00:24 How Herd Mentality Stops People from Speaking Out
1:15:42 Similarities of Postmodernism & Marxism to Religious Belief
1:19:45 Sponsor Message: EasyDNS
1:25:48 Ideology is Destroying Meritocracy
1:32:49 Consequences of Universities Being Driven by Data
1:45:51 What’s the One Thing We’re Not Talking About?
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