A Closer Look at Janssen Pharmaceuticals Initiative for Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD)

Richard Browne, MD, FACC, leads Janssen's health equity initiative, Save Legs, Change Lives™, a multi-year initiative focused on creating awareness, urgency and action around the hidden threat of peripheral artery disease (PAD) related amputation, with an initial focus on Black Americans, who are up to 4X more likely to undergo a PAD-related amputation versus white Americans. He will discuss PAD, the signs and symptoms of the disease, and his personal connection to PAD. Pam will share her personal story as a patient living with PAD and provides advice to people and communities placed at increased risk of the disease. Since the campaign launched earlier this year, Save Legs. Change Lives™ has actioned more than 12 programs across three focus areas: empowering individuals and communities placed at an increased risk of PAD, collaborating with powerful partners, and driving research. Learn more at www.savelegschangelives.com

Dr. Browne is the Senior Medical Executive, Health Systems Strategy and the Leader of the Health Equity Advisory Council for Janssen Cardiovascular and Metabolism Medical Affairs. He leads collaborations with executive leadership at US healthcare systems, to achieve the quintuple aim (i.e. improving the quality of cardiovascular care, promoting cost effectiveness, enhancing the patient and health care provider experiences and striving to eliminate health disparities). Dr. Browne graduated cum laude from Boston University School of Medicine and is a council member of the North Carolina Chapter of the American College of Cardiology, actively working to reduce health care disparities in cardiovascular patients.

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