8 Signs of Avoidant Personality Disorder & How to Spot Them | MedCircle x Dr Ramani

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There are 8 signs of avoidant personality disorder you need to know. These are the 8 signs of avoidant personality disorder & how to spot them, according to clinical psychologist and MedCircle expert Dr Ramani Durvasula.

00:00 Intro
00:22 What is APD?
00:57 1. Avoids significant social activity
01:13 2. Sticks to social groups they know
01:47 3. Restraint in intimate relationships
02:26 4. Ruminates on fear of criticism
03:12 Inhibited in new social situations
03:52 6. Severe fear of embarrassment
04:30 7. "Gives in" to social situations
05:31 8. Holds back from opportunities
06:04 APD in Dr Ramani's practice
07:17 How to watch more

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