$70 Weekly Grocery Haul! Family of 13!❤️ Discount Food Finds!

Happy Wednesday!

Welcome to our latest video; I'm sharing our weekly grocery haul for our family of 13! Here is what we snagged this week; I love that we spent only $70!

We are always looking for discount food finds at our local grocery stores, and we've come up with some pretty awesome deals this week.

Before we hit our weekly large grocery shopping hauls (Costco etc.), we always stop and check out our discount grocery store. I think I’m adding Aldi to the weekly list lineup; they are stocking some great finds lately! Check out our latest video https://youtu.be/iIbdQ5KdFH4

Here’s what we bought this week.

4 bricks of French cheese $2.99
4 bricks of Swiss cheese are $1.99
2 String Cheese $5.49
3 Ketchup $2.19
3 German Salads $2.99
3 Boxes 16 count Larabar $6.99
4 Boxes 6 count Larabar $3.99

We saved $101.39. I’ll take it!

We make 21 Meals and 21 Snacks weekly for 13 people, and the goal is to keep most of what we buy clean and healthy.

Thank you so much for being here and spending a piece of your day with me! Your love and support does not go unnoticed!

Peace, Joy, and Blessings! Pamela!
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