7 Signs of Thyroid Eye Disease and Graves Disease

Ever heard of hyperthyroidism or graves disease? In this video we review the 7 signs of thyroid eye disease! To learn more about other common eye diseases and treatments, check out our playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75c_WzOd_eI&list=PLzi60fSuOmPBM69XaYB2lkGnJQaUAnbYo

Thyroid problems can often result in complications involving the eye muscles. Whether you have hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism or euthyroid (normal thyroid levels), it is possible to develop thyroid eye disease. Most commonly, thyroid eye disease is seen with hyperthyroidism (frequently caused by an autoimmune condition referred to as Graves Disease).

Thyroid eye disease signs and signs of graves disease are very much one in the same; these include upper eyelid retraction, proptosis (exophthalmos), diplopia (double vision), eye pain, dry eye, edema and even optic neuropathy and vision loss.

Thyroid eye disease treatment options usually include prescription medications and glasses prisms to help alleviate diplopia. Orbital decompression surgery is often reserved as an endstage treatment option when needed. Thankfully a new medication has been FDA approved in the US called Tepezza to help with proptosis from Thyroid Eye Disease.

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