7 - Day 1500 Calorie Meal Plan

7 day 1500 calorie meal plan

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If you need to be on a 1500 calorie meal plan or thinking to eat a healthy 1500 calorie meal plan daily with delicious and easy to make meals, then this video is not only going to be useful for a day but for a full week!

This 7 day 1500 calorie meal plan is a healthy and balance diet that's high in protein, high in fiber, full of healthy fats, easy to make and full of yummy meals that will not only make you feel full but can promote weight loss if that's your goal!

You can also use this 7 day 1500 calorie diet plan to adjust and make your diet and everyday eating habits cleaner and healthier.

Enjoy the 7 day 1500 calorie meal plan and don't forget to leave a LIKE!

00:00 Intro
0.20 Day 1
1:58 Day 2
4:09 Day 3
6:25 Day 4
7:52 Day 5
10:56 Day 6
12:58 Day 7

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