5 Things Medicare Doesn't Cover (and how to get them covered)

https://www.abtinsuranceagency.com | (888) 465-9728. Today's videos reviews 5 things Medicare doesn't cover. While Medicare does cover many services, many people are surprised to find out about these 5 things that Medicare doesn't cover, and could be hit with unexpected medical bills if they aren't aware. Today I'm sharing these 5 things, along with some solutions on how to get these items covered when you are on Medicare.

It's important to know what you options are when it comes to Medicare coverage solutions, like Medicare Supplement Plans, Medicare Advantage Plans, as well as stand alone policies hat will help offset some of the costs of these 5 things that Medicare doesn't cover.

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00:00 Introduction
02:37 Thing number 1
03:36 Thing number 2
04:25 Thing number 3
05:21 Thing number 4
07:10 Thing number 5
09:56 Behind the scenes
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