5 Great Miracles Of Reading Bismillah surah al kausar Ya Salamo On 1 glass Of Water,wazifa for hajat

5 Great Miracles Of Reading Bismillah surah al kausar Ya Salamo On 1 glass Of Water,wazifa for hajat

Aslam o Alikum !
most of the people become very disappointed with the mercy of Allah and because of this they also become victims of anxiety. If you want a torrential rain of Allah's mercy, then you must ask Allah for help and never despair of Allah's mercy. Today's video is also for some such people. Those who are suffering from diseases ... Suffering from diseases ... Various diseases have surrounded them ... Tired of taking medicine. Let them not despair of Allah's mercy and adopt this method, God willing. God by His grace ... Charity of your mercy ... It will eradicate all kinds of diseases. Body fibers will remove the disease from the fibers. And will give you a healthy life.
Every disease except death will be cured.
The way you will be told ... God willing.. Soon Allah's mercy will rain on you ... And will get rid of diseases.
Apart from illness, such people can also do this benefit. Those who are suffering from severe problems ... Are stuck in trouble There are difficulties ... Goals are not succeeding. And there is no peace in the heart ... Whispers come to my heart. So do this benefit for all these issues too ... And pray to Allah, the Lord of Glory.
With this, those whose needs are not being met ... And those whose prayers are not accepted ... So such people must do the same.
First of all, you have to recite Durood-e-Ibrahimi three times. And after that you have to recite busmillah Surah Kawthar and ya salmao 313 times. After that you have to recite Durood-e-Ibrahimi ten times again. And you have to breathe on a glass of water ... You have to blow on the water ... And to pray to Allah.
If you have done this for yourself. So you drink this water ... And if it's for someone else ... Then give this water to the patient ...
Do this for 21 days ... Inshallah, these diseases will be eradicated. Medicine will kill. May Allah give you a healthy life ... Do this process for 21 days ... Inshallah you will get all those benefits. Mentioned with you.jazakAllah..

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