4 Reasons You SHOULD Become a Doctor #SHORTS

We often talk about the most challenging aspects of becoming a doctor to help students prepare for the inevitable obstacles, but it’s important not to lose sight of the reasons that make it all worth it. Here are 4 reasons you should become a doctor. Number one, you get to help others. You have the unique ability to change patients’ lives for the better, which can be tremendously satisfying. As a doctor, you can take pride in knowing you’re making the world a better place.

Number two, you get to create personal connections with people. Remember, as a physician, you are there for patients in their most trying times. It’s truly an honor to be trusted with another human being’s health and well-being and it requires a deep level of trust.

Number three, it’s intellectually stimulating. As a doctor, you’re constantly analyzing the objective data, the patient’s concerns, and presentation, and making treatment decisions. Having this challenge and seeing your efforts result in patient improvement is incredibly satisfying.

Lastly, number four, medicine is fascinating. The way the human body works, the complexities and nuances – there’s just so much cool science to uncover. There’s always something new and exciting to learn.

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