4 Healthy soup recipes for babies and kids || 8+months || শিশুদের জন্য অতি পুষ্টিকর স্যুপ রেসিপি ||

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Today's topic:
Healthy and weight gaining soup for baby.
1. টমেটো সুপ।
2. ভেজিটেবল সুপ।
3. বিট ও গাজরের স্যুপ।
4. লাউয়ের সুপ।

About this video :

Today I am going to share with you 4 healthy delicious and easily digestible soup recipes for babies and toddlers. Vegetable soup is the best option to introduce soup to babies and the vegetable soup has numerous benefits for babies health.Soup is the best option for child is fussy about food or eating vegetables. If your baby is falling from cold and cough you make sure offer them a warm bowl of soup with vegetables rich in nutrition which boost the kids immunity power to fight against infection.

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