300 Year-Old Books & Maps | ASMR unboxing, soft-spoken

Let's find out what 300-year-old books and maps look, feel and sound like. See the whole list of book names and the year they were published in the timestamps below or in-video to jump right to one's that pique your interest most if you, understandably, can't wait four hours. Most of these have been sitting unopened for over a year, so I was excited to open them up. Enjoy.

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0:00 intro: preview, date, Ernie
1:56 Astronomy Made Simple (1963)
6:59 The Uncanny X-Men comic (1986)
12:27 L’Histoire Universelle (1738)
17:23 Fables of the Ancients by Francis Bacon (1803)
39:38 The Basic Writings of C. G. Jung
46:01 History of Christianity by Edward Gibbon (1887)
59:18 The Connection of Science and Philosophy with Religion by Thomas Dick (1834)
1:30:00 The History of England by David Hume (1811)
1:45:06 Orbs of Heaven by O. M. Mitchell (1865)
2:14:21 50 Philosophy Classics
2:17:42 An History of the Earth and Animated Nature Vol. 3 (1776)
2:35:44 Batman Comics (1996)
2:41:24 Orbs of Heaven (newer edition)
2:47:04 Frontiers of Astronomy (1955)
2:52:08 An Introduction to Astronomy: Yale Textbook (1846)
3:00:22 Pictorial History of Greece (1839)
3:16:01 The World’s Great Thinkers (Box Set)
3:27:30 Rollin’s Ancient History (1819)
3:47:46 The History of Astronomy (1767)
4:07:07 Penny Magazine: Babbage Article (1832)
4:13:53 Meme Analysis’s Aeonic Comics (2021)
4:20:07 Map of Mediterranean/Near East (1723)

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