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Hi friends, today I am sharing 3 breakfast recipes for weight loss, these are low in calories and high protein, high fiber recipes. Today I am sharing jowar idli, jowar dosa and jowar handvo recipes. The best thing about these recipes are they are gluten free recipes as well as to all the jowar recipes I didn’t added rice to it. This is gluten free and millet recipes for weight loss. Those who have Pcos/Pcod, thyroid, diabetes, and cholesterol issues they can easily add these recipes in their diet plan.
With this I shared tomato chutney and sambhar recipe too, it is a complete meal friends, I also shared benefits of Shiv om hing.
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Time frame
0:00 Introduction Breakfast recipes for weight loss
1:21 Tomato chutney
2:06 Shiv om Hing
5:19 Tomato chutney calories
5:34 Sambar recipe
8:01 Sambar calories
8:11 How to make jowar idli
12:34 Jowar idli calories
12:52 Jowar dosa
13:10 Jowar dosa calories
13:29 Handvo
14:55 Handvo calories

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