24: Unapolagetically Following the Path That Is Meant for YOU with Chuy Photo | Photography Podcast

Episode 24: Unapolagetically Following the Path That Is Meant for YOU with Chuy Photo | Photography Podcast

What stops you from embracing who you are fully and wholeheartedly? How to follow your own unique path unapologetically? We’ve all been held back by something at one point or another, but nothing feels more liberating than finally letting go and embracing what feels the truest to who you are. To shed light on this, I’m joined by Chuy from Chuy Photo, who has experienced all of this first hand and his approach? Saying - FUNK IT! Chuy is an inspiring creative whose unique take on photographing couples gets everyone's’ jaws to drop and he joins me on this episode to inspire you to let go of fear and funk it up.


[05:00] Funk. Funk it. Funk you. Chuy Photo is all about the funk and it’s interesting to know, where it all began and how he came to embrace this “funk it” attitude that his brand is all about.

[09:27] The process of creation. Documenting couples in a unique way, letting your unique vision shine through + how being an introvert/extrovert affects not only the shooting process but also the whole working process.

[15:45] Journey from self-constraint to self-expression. What happens when after following a path that someone else wants for you, you gather up the courage to finally embrace who you actually are or feel like you’re meant to be?

[22:44] Neither I nor Chuy grew up saying things like, “I want to be a wedding photographer.” So what actually leads to that + how to talk about the money without feeling guilty about it?

[30:00] It’s okay to figure things out along the way. Many of us can start out on a journey with one goal in mind and find that only along the way we really figure out what we’re after. Getting comfortable vs. chasing what you want.

[35:45] Feeling paralysed by the fear of negative judgment and how to unleash your true self when all you can think about is, “What will others think of me?” It’s not unusual for all of us to be paralysed by some kind of fear, but Chuy shares a phrase that someone once told him that, honestly, should become a mantra for all of us fearing judgment from others.

[1:03:07] Chuy photographs his couples feeling comfortable in their own skin and loving life, so I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to ask him, doing what he does, has he always felt comfortable being around couples and shooting them being intimate.

[1:11:25] Chuy is not only an inspiring photographer, but also a passionate educator, who wants to share his “funk it” approach with other creatives, so at the end of our conversation, he shared a little more about his Community of Funkers.


Chuy Photo - https://www.instagram.com/chuyphoto/
6-week meditation course - http://www.stephaniewbeaulieu.com
@chuyphoto lives video - https://www.dropbox.com/s/14aaya3ynl2c5bu/%40ChuyPhoto%20LIVES%21%21%21.MP4?dl=0
Funk You Workshop - https://www.chuyphotos.com/jointhefunk

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