21st Century Men On Purpose with Judson Brandeis Ep 244

Dr. Judson Brandeis is an award-winning urologist and sexual medicine expert. Today, he specializes in the emerging field of sexual health and medicine and is one of the top pioneering minds in that field. Kind of interesting that our topic today is about erectile dysfunction but you’d be surprised how much of that is still in the realm of personal responsibility. Dr. Judson Brandeis has a lot of men going through challenges with physical intimate performance and they need help.

We're going to talk about how you can be both physically and emotionally intimate in your relationship while staying solid in parenting, motivation, and self-development.

We're surrounded by modern medical breakthroughs, but the goal is to have as many personal breakthroughs as well. This is Dr. Judson Brandeis' medical specialty – sexual medicine but not just! His mission is to provide help to the men of today. Redefining the modern-day male about being a man in the 21st century.

The trouble is men are holding themselves back. The ethos of ‘toughing it out’ has not only affected our own well-being but that of everyone around us. When your relationship with yourself suffers, so too the relationships around you.

This has led to many men seeing their intimate physical performance decline. There's so much about taking action and being self-accountable that we have lost. When we fail at that, we fail as a husband, father, or breadwinner, especially when we're needed most.

There are no secrets. There's only excellence and being accountable for your health. It doesn't take a lot of fancy things to get started, just the willingness to take action, and discipline so that you can make those changes in your life.

In this episode, you will learn about:

00:06:48 - It hits the fan for everyone
00:07:51 - Erectile dysfunction and how can we turn back time?
00:08:58 - Getting kicked from 20 years of practice
00:10:28 - Reinventing his practice
00:12:31 - I never thought about failing
00:15:59 - The 21st Century Man
00:19:50 - Dr. Brandei’s Maslow’s pyramid
00:21:24 - What affects a man’s ability to be physically intimate?
00:23:42 - The Harvard Longevity study
00:26:13 - How to form a partnership with your doctor
00:30:43 - Dr. Brandeis mission to help men
00:34:01 - Sudden death is the first sign of cardiovascular disease for 1 out of 4 men
00:36:02 - The big picture of the aging process
00:38:26 - Addiction and what you’re eating or drinking
00:40:52 - Mindfulness about decisions
00:44:45 - Why women live longer than men
00:46:13 - Sharing failures with your kids
00:49:08 - Your defining moments and being scared
00:55:26 - Health insurance for men
00:55:51 - Action steps to take for men
00:58:46 - Action steps that Dr. Brandeis is taking

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