$1M/Year with 9 Rental Properties by Cracking the Travel Nurse Code

You don’t need a hundred rental properties to make a million dollars a year. You can do it with less than ten properties. Sounds insane, right? If so, tune in to hear Jesse Vasquez’s story as he breaks down exactly how he built a seven-figure income stream with fewer rental properties than most medium-sized landlords. He even gives an example of how just two of his rental properties are cash-flowing enough to replace a six-figure salary. So what is he doing differently from the rest?

After escaping the “golden handcuffs” of a six-figure healthcare sales job, Jesse knew he couldn’t ever return to the corporate work environment again. He loved the paycheck but was paralyzed by the work and needed an escape that could help him build wealth without sucking his soul. After sparking up a conversation with a traveling nurse, he realized there was an unfilled niche in the medium-term rental space, one that traveling professionals would pay handsomely for.

From working in healthcare, Jesse has been able to pinpoint exactly what makes a high-cash flow medium-term rental, which amenities can dramatically increase your rent price, and how to make six figures in cash flow with just a few properties. This deep dive will give you EVERYTHING you need to know before you buy a medium-term rental, how to achieve a near-zero vacancy rate, and the most lucrative way to find tenants that will net you five times higher rent than a regular long-term tenant.

00:00 Intro
01:01 Quick Tip
01:57 Giving Up the Golden Handcuffs
04:42 Vowing Never to Invest
06:13 Tailored Housing for Traveling Nurses
10:58 Giving Up a Six-Figure Salary
14:24 $1M with Medium-Term Rentals!
17:13 Tips to Stay 100% Rented
23:06 Choosing a Medium-Term Market
29:58 Massive Cash Flow From Insurance Companies
35:09 Amenities You MUST Have
38:56 What About the Squatters!?
42:36 Famous Four

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