12 Week Weight Loss Challenge | Healthy & Tasty Weight Loss Diet Plan | Weight Loss Journey Day 26

12 Week Weight Loss Challenge | Healthy & Tasty 3 Month Weight Loss Challenge | Lose Weight with FT | Weight Loss Journey | Rujuta Diwekar Inspired Meal Plan for Fat Loss & Improving Muscle Strength

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Trying Rujuta Diwekar Diet Plan for Fat Loss & Improving Muscle Strength | Full Day Indian Meal Plan | Weight Loss Diet | Portion Control | Healthy & Clean Eating | What I Eat in a Day to Lose Weight | Indian Weight Loss Diet | Healthy and Sustainable Eating | Weight Loss Journey | Weight Loss Challenge | Fitnesstale

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I have been trying to lose weight for a long time and failed several times. A few months ago, I started reading books written by Rujuta Diwekar (Celebrity Nutritionist) on how to lose weight in the right way and I realized the mistakes that I have been making all these years trying to lose weight and not getting results and therefore I decided to try a sustainable diet inspired by her thoughts about fat loss. 

Rujuta says:” The right way to lose weight is Good habits -- Good health -- Weight loss. And the wrong way - Weight loss -- Bad health -- Bad habits. The essence of losing weight the right way - focus on developing good habits and not losing weight” and positive effects of these good habits lead to better health and weight loss. 

So, here I am sharing my weight loss journey where my main focus will not only be losing weight but also incorporating healthy eating habits and daily activity in my routine. The diet plan she recommends lets you eat several meals a day, rather than two or three big ones. In her books, Rujuta has suggested time-tested varieties of meal options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and mid-meal/snacks that perfectly fit the requirement of today. 

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