12 MINUTES AGO! The Russian army is in disease! All soldiers have been vaccinated

Russian soldiers on the territory of Ukraine began to be vaccinated! Earlier, there were reports that Russian soldiers on the territory of Ukraine had contracted a disease and an epidemic had occurred. It was known that Russian soldiers were fighting the disease and many soldiers were waiting in isolated areas. The Russian government has ordered the vaccination of soldiers in Ukraine. Dozens of buses from Russia set off for Russian military bases on the territory of Ukraine and started the vaccination procedure. There are claims that many Russian soldiers lost their lives because of this epidemic. It is said that this epidemic is one of the biggest reasons why the Russian army has lost its soldiers. The Russian government has started an emergency procedure to vaccinate soldiers in Ukraine. Doctors who have been working on this vaccine for months have not yet been able to figure out what the epidemic is. It is expected that vaccination will be started when Russian doctors reach the military bases in Ukraine.

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