12 Effective Ways You Can Maintain A Healthy Colon

You know what they say, the best way to happiness is through the stomach. That’s not far from the truth, considering that our digestive health is essential to our happiness. Seriously. Just think of how happy you are when you have an aching tummy. That’s right. Not happy at all.

Well, the colon, aka the large intestine, is one of the most important organs of the digestive system. It has 3 primary functions. It absorbs water and balances the electrolytes and your body’s PH levels; it produces and assimilates vitamins; it forms and drives feces towards the rectum for elimination.

A clean and healthy colon can reduce the risk of serious diseases and illnesses down the road. In this video, we will talk about cleansing and maintaining a healthy colon.

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Intro - 00:00
1. Drink more ginger tea - 01:12
2. Take probiotics supplements - 02:09
3. Lemon juice - 02:48
4. Resistant starches - 03:40
5. Liquid Fasting - 04:36
6. Drink more smoothies and juices - 05:30
7. Fennel tea - 06:43
8. Turmeric tea - 07:57
9. Adopt a high-fiber diet - 08:30
10. Hydrate properly - 09:04
11. Eat more Omega-3 fatty acids - 09:35
12. Colon flush - 10:17

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