10 Things You Need To Know About VA C&P Exams

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The VA's compensation and pension evaluation, also known as a C&P exam or a VA claim evaluation, is an essential component of the disability claim and compensation process. The VA will schedule you for a C&P exam to determine if you have a diagnosis, the severity of your symptoms and if there is medical nexus linking your current disability to your active duty service.

00:00 Introduction to VA C&P Exams
1:19 What is a C&P exam?
2:40 How to prepare for your c and p exam
5:04 C&P exam tips - What to bring
8:00 The C&P examiner is not your friend!
9:48 What happens at your C&P exam?
10:37 How long will my compensation and pension exam last?
14:15 Veteran failed to report for a C&P exam

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