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Don’t let the cardiologists and poets fool you: your kidneys are the real
heart and soul of your body. (Of course, as a kidney doctor, I’m a little

When patients come into my office, I use a 10-step plan to set them on the path to kidney health. Some steps may take you months to achieve, and that’s OK. Even if you slowly incorporate these steps into your diet over the course of years, you’re moving toward a lifetime of health and wellness.

Today I am going to share these ten steps with you. For more detailed information, you can check out my book with the links below.

Content Chapters:
00:00 - Introduction
00:52 - Understanding Your Kidneys
01:43 - Choose Your Beverages Wisely
02:30 - Uncover Hidden Salt
03:34 - Embrace Plant-Based Eating
04:30 - Get Potassium Right
06:05 - Avoid High Protein Pitfalls
07:49 - Discover Alkaline Rich Foods
09:06 - Identify and Eliminate Sneaky Phosphorus
10:04 - Incorporate the Mediterranean or DASH Diet
10:30 - Never Fear Kidney Failure Requiring Dialysis
11:16 - Conclusion

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