A super long, slow, overly explained general examination for ya! This exam consists of measuring your vital signs, looking at your head, eyes, ears, nose, throat, all the way to your musculoskeletal system. Everything is drawn out, and everything is OVER-explained. I'm a big fan of overexplaining, and as I filmed, I realized that I tend to overexplain anyway so it was like adding some extra sprinkles on top of a fully decked sundae, LOL

I always love overexplained exams but it didn't occur to me to make one until I saw The White Rabbit's couple of recent videos - a medical exam with overly repeated instructions ( and an overly explained haircut RP ( Check those out, their channel is awesome :D

Note! Timestamps might be a touch off as I had to edit out a goof last minute and just subtracted the clip time from all the established timestamps. Shouldn't be off by more than a few seconds at most if I did the math right. Also, I should have done my percussion before palpation on the abdominal part, got that smooth brain thing going on lately.

Introduction ~ 00:00 – 00:55
Taking Your Medical History ~ 00:55 – 03:16
Overexplaining the Process of Your Exam ~ 03:16 – 05:23
Wrasslin' on Gloves ~ 05:23 – 05:55
Taking Your Temperature ~ 05:55 – 07:55
Measuring Your Pulse & Respiration Rate ~ 07:55 – 10:05
Taking Your Blood Pressure ~ 10:05 – 14:22
Examining Your Scalp & Head ~ 14:22 – 16:59
Inspecting Your Face ~ 16:59 – 19:03
Looking at Your Eyes ~ 19:03 – 22:46
Swinging Light Test ~ 22:46 – 23:43
Direct/Consensual Response Test ~ 23:43 – 26:36
Follow the Light ~ 26:36 – 29:34
Accommodation Reflex ~ 29:34 – 31:36
Assembling the Otoscope ~ 31:36 – 32:49
Inspecting & Palpating Your Ears ~ 32:49 – 36:19
Looking Inside Your Ears with the Otoscope ~ 36:19 – 40:20
Inspecting Your Nose, Mouth, & Throat ~ 40:20 – 45:09
Palpating Your Sinuses ~ 45:09 – 46:37
Feeling Your Lymph Nodes ~ 46:37 – 49:19
Auscultating Your Heart & Lungs ~ 49:19 – 52:51
Percussing Your Chest ~ 52:51 – 54:14
Listening to Your Abdomen ~ 54:14 – 55:27
Percussing & Palpating Your Abdomen ~ 55:27 – 58:40
Inspecting Your Hands & Arms ~ 58:40 – 1:00:44
Examining Your Legs & Feet ~ 1:00:44 – 1:01:55
Reviewing Your Exam ~ 1:01:55 – 1:02:47
Final Bits ~ 1:02:47 - 1:03:52

Triggers include: soft speaking, ear to ear whispering, writing sounds, asking questions, over explaining, spray sounds, glove sounds, inaudible whispering, scalp exam, eye exam, skin inspection, light triggers, follow the light, ear exam, otoscope, palpation, stethoscope, guided breathing, and percussion.

Hope y'all enjoy, have a whale of a day! :)

xx Calliope

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