My planning for will some his a announcement

I’m excited had will the presentation with talk here my announcement about that ready to Zine show his Tierra Del Sol Galley for a chinatown is are so excited ready to Star Wars: R2-D2’s story Books and 2022 Calendars in here a table.

Ready to a weaving is make a scarves, running tables, purple and hats said teach will his the store very a payment with the paycheck.

My former caregiver is since 2018 my old iPad 6th generation for had get purple communication are his Apple store.

My announcement did talk DON’T PRANK YOU YouTube’s Vloggers can get the Christmas present don’t prank about safe yourself a rich kids and teenagers surprise Christmas present in had get opening new iPad 11” inch 5th generation.

My announcement is are see your bring own vaccinations card and appointment is look the booster shot your locations in here a stores, hospitals and mobiles.

My announcement for will did my appointment is need get a booster shot coming soon.

My appointment is had for will see my new audiologist in had a explore his the locations need get free audiology clinic.

Announcement: my new doctor’s appointment in here free clinic a physical exam don’t flu shot here my full vaccinated with boosted done next we see will need get the arm’s bloody.

Announcement: Facey Medical Group in here visit my ophthalmologist, Danny Kim see had meeting ready to eye exam done then is we are a eyeglasses store in his west hills.

I’m Ready to Zine Show in here Tierra Del Sol Galley see a Chinatown, Los Angeles at 6pm-9pm.
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